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Tomas Iglesias

Tomas Iglesias is a versatile Film Composer, Arranger, and Orchestrator offering Film music scoring services in New Zealand. With extensive experience across diverse music genres, he creates emotive and efficient compositions that enrich storytelling in films. 

He holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Auckland and has undertaken studies in harmony, counterpoint and fugue, orchestration, piano and continuo. Also well versed in the use of the industry standard digital audio workstations for both music and sound post-production. Accustomed to working on high-pressure, collaborative projects and delivering high-quality results in tight-deadline situations.

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He is also the founder and creator of The Practice of Harmony, an online Music School specialised in Baroque and Classical Music with tutorials on Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition, Partimento and Basso Continuo.

And Co-founder of Tango Piano Secrets, an online Music School focusing on Tango Music.

Additionally he is a registered Piano and Music Theory teacher at the New Zealand Modern School of Music.

Credits as a Music Composer:

  • The Grateful Act  (2023)

  • Six Concertos  (2023)

  • Missing Kitty  (2023)

  • Plunge (2023)

  • Missing Critters (2023) 

  • Believing is Seeing (2022)

  • Nothing (2022)

  • Da Bai (2022)

  • Stella (2021)

  • Stay at Home (2021)

  • Daughter of God (2021)

  • The Reading (2020)

  • Maunsell Road (2020)

  • Stubborn (2019)

  • Maryam (2019)

  • Tomorrow I quit (2019)

  • Speak Up: Episode 2  (2018)

  • The Cautionary Tale of the House in the Sky (2018)

  • Kauri o te Kauri (2018)

  • Speak Up: Episode 1  (2018)

  • The Barter Barber (2018)

  • Manawa Bay (2018)

  • Ripple Effect (2017)

  • Always Spring (2017)

  • TVNZ New Blood - The Intern (2017)

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