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Tomas Iglesias

Composer - Pianist - Music Educator





North Shore, Auckland, NZ

Lessons with me

When I am not composing, I am either teaching or learning. Musical training has been fundamental in my life, both as a teacher and as a student. Since 2017, I have been helping students from various backgrounds and of all ages. You can take piano and music lessons with me in my studio in Auckland's North Shore, or we can meet online. For the composer's training syllabus, please see below.

For piano students: You can focus on point number 1 only; however, elements of the other points will be introduced to you during lessons. This is for your own benefit!

Music Training Outline

Piano and Keyboard

Harmony and Counterpoint

Classical Piano Lessons from Initial to Grade 8 and ATCL Diploma Level. Instruction in technique, sight-reading, musicianship, improvisation, harmony, counterpoint, figured bass, partimento, Jazz, Latin styles, arranging, and composing at the piano.

Composers and jazz pianists can choose to discontinue classical lessons at around Grade 5.


However, I strongly recommend completing all the grades, which can be done concurrently with other studies.

We start with Harmony, but Counterpoint is slowly introduced from the very first Harmony lessons. This is because it is impossible to completely separate the two.


Harmony: Both in writing and on the keyboard. We will harmonize bass lines, fill in inner voices (when soprano and bass are provided), and harmonize melodies in different ways. Together, we will compose approximately 600 chorales.

Counterpoint: We will compose small pieces in two voices, inventions in two voices, small pieces in three voices, canons in all intervals, and fugues in three and four voices.

Orchestration and Composition

We begin with Classical Orchestration, such as Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart. Then, we progress to romantic orchestration, and finally, 20th-century orchestration. Once the fundamentals are solid, we start studying Film Music Orchestration and Virtual Orchestration for professional mock-ups.

Composition: Composition is integrated into every aspect of this list. By this point, you will have written hundreds of chorales, contrapuntal pieces, arrangements, and orchestrations. Now, we fine-tune some details, and I introduce you to my teacher's composition method. We will begin composing, and I will provide videos for scoring.

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